The PDF files below can all be saved or printed on 8 1/2 x 11 in. standard letter size paper.

Below is a PDF copy of a Bicycling Magazine 1983 road test of a custom 'dave moulton' touring bike:

Another Bicycling road test from 1988, of a Fuso Lux bike:

A British Cycling Weekly article I wrote in November 1976:

Another Cycling article from November 1977

This series of 6 Velo-News articles ran from October 1978 to March 1979

Here is another Velo-News article from February 1980

Some Spec Sheets for the Fuso and Recheche, and some prices from the 1980s

Here is a printable version of my Fame Sizing Chart:

Instructions on how to pack a bike for shipping:

What are the chances of finding a custom 'dave moulton' frame in any particular size. (List of sizes built.)

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Updated 7/3/18

24 x 18 inch color poster. A copy of a poster that was printed in 1990 for the Interbike Show held in Las Vegas.

The picture is of a Fuso built with Columbus Max tubing. The full specs for the bike are printed below the picture.

Follow the same instructions as the above poster. Here is the link to the pdf file.


A beautiful fine art B&W 24 x 18 inch Poster.
From a 1986 photo by Mike Graves. Originally used as advertising media.

Just find a business that has a large format digital printer, and get a copy printed for yourself. It will fit in a standard 24 x 18 poster frame.

There is no need to download the file. Click on the link below and the file will open on a separate page on this site. It can be printed direct from the web page.

Copy and Paste the URL from the address bar and email that to your local printer.