A registry of bicycle frames built by Dave Moulton in the Deblins Green Shop, Worcester, England from 1974 -1978


Frame # Size Owner City, Town, County Owner since Org.Paint/RP
M516 58 Brian Lindamood Anchorage, Alaska, USA 2009 RP
M525 22.5in. Dave Allman  Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK 2008 RP
M551 23/21
Colin Williamson Hollywood, S. Birmingham, UK 1995 RP
M552 19in. Track David KS Wu (5) Kaohsiung, Taiwan 2019 Org. Paint
M564 23in. Ralph Stefani Vancouver, BC, Canada 1975 Org.Own Org. Paint
M568 21in. Carl Pedersen Copenhagen, Denmark 2015 Org. Paint
M578 22in. Jack Gabus (4) Laguna Beach, CA 2012 Org. Paint
M6110 23 in.
Rob Rix   Southport, Lancs, UK 1976 Org.Own Chrome
M6111 21.5 in Luke Willans Wolverhampton. UK 2018 RP ?
M6152 21/18.5
Authur Everton Lynn Valley, Vancouver, BC 1976 Org.Own Org. Paint
M6173 24in. John Coleman Dungarvan, Waterford, Ireland 2006 Org. Paint
M6177 22.5in. John Robinson Kalispell, MT 1976 Org.Own Org. Paint
M7193 22in. Pete Frazer Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK 1977 Org.Own Org. Paint
M7211 52 Bob Bamberg Tynyffordd, Ystrad Meurig, Wales 2013 RP
M7216 56 Chris Foster Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK 2010 Org. Paint
M7222   Ian Jackman Newcastle upon Tyne, UK 2017 Org. Paint
M7229 65 Gary R. Watkins Atlanta, GA 2022 DaMo RP
M7238 54 Mike Werner (3) San Diego, California, USA 2005 Org. Paint
M7239 23in. Paul Kimberley Malvern, Worcester, UK 2015 Org. Paint
M7243 49 David K.S. Wu (5) Kaohsiung, Taiwan 2010 Org. Paint
M8256 24in. Toni Theilmeier Germany 2009 RP
M8262 23 in. Steve Sheperd Hollywood, West Mids, UK 1980 RP
M8267 53 Martin Proctor (2) Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK 2010 RP
M8268 50 Track James Slater London, UK 2004 Org. Paint
M8270 24/24 in. Track Tandem Paul Swinnerton Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent, UK 1978 Org. Own RP
M8272 21.75in. John Herron Dublin, Ireland 2015 RP
M8275 23in. Steve Woolford Tournus, France 1980 Org. Paint
M257 20.5 in. Mathias W. Koczulab Denmark 2018 Org. Paint
M8277 57 Terry Johnson Malvern Wells, Worcester, UK 1988 Org. Paint
M8293 53.5 Bill Danson Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK 1978 Org.Own RP
M8296 58.7 Mike Burns Rugby, Warwickshire, UK 1978 Org.Own RP
          Updated 02/05/2022

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My framebuilding experience dates back to 1957, however, it wasn't until 1974 that I began a full time business and started recording frame numbers.

The frames built in England were stamped with a letter "M" followed by a digit that represented the year. M4 = 1974, M5 = 1975, M6 = 1976, and so on up to early 1979 when I moved to the United States. The digits that followed were a serial number that continued on from one year to the next.

I still have my original frame number record book from that period. Unfortunately it doesn't contain much info other than a number and the original customer's name. I does serve to identify one of my frames, as the year and serial number will have to match what is written in my book.

Dave Moulton

Below: The number after a name indicates more than one Dave Moulton built frame in the owner's colection.

Numbers in Blue are linked to pictures on an offsite webpage.

Deblins Green