Review by The Charleston City Paper. November 24th, 2007

I Can’t Get There From Here. (Independent.)

A farmer drowning in taxes accidentally shoots the bureaucrat who comes to take his land. A man stares at the woman in his bed and misses the true love he foolishly left behind years ago. A lonely drive across the desert, and a romp with a married woman in a bar called "Liberty." Local bard Skip Sullins spins many a forlorn singer/songwriter tale on his latest offering, all the while keeping the mood light and spirited. I Can't Get from Here is a compilation of favorite songs written by friends, along with a few of his own. Complemented by banjos, flutes, and cello, the acoustic tales that Sullins weaves harken back to the songwriting heydays of Austin and Nashville, but are as authentic in 2007 Charleston as ever. It's a refreshing return to the idea that every song should tell a story, and Sullins knows how to hold your interest to the final lingering line. Stratton Lawrence

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Richfield to Green River [Skip Sullins/Mark McVay]
Liberty Bar [Larry Rhodes]
Leon McDuff [Mike Cross]
Circles [Ray Sisk]
Pickin' Medley [Traditional]
Ruined City [Skip Sullins]
Most of All [Rick Erwin]
I can't get there from here [Skip Sullins]
Whiskey in the Jar [Irish Traditional]
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Holy City [Skip Sullins]
Song for the Singer [Skip Sullins]
Low Country Road [Skip Sullins]
This ain't the Revolution [Skip Sullins/Mark McVay]
Hero's Welcome [Skip Sullins/Ted Dominski]
Good Friday Liars [Skip Sullins]
Did Anything Change [Skip Sullins]
Barricades of Heaven [Jackson Browne]
Wintersong [Si Kahn]
Remember where you've been [Skip Sullins]
Me and My Friends [Skip Sullins]