Frame # Size Owner City and State Owner Since Org. Paint/RP
001 52 Kent Radford (2) San Diego, CA 1985 Org. Own Org. Paint
001A 56 Stephen Bryne Ventura, CA 2014 RP
008 53 Charles Hinson Mission Hills, CA 2014 Org. Paint
024 58 Neville Stranger San Diego, CA 1996 Org. Paint
027 58 Dennis Williams Claremont, CA 1985 Org. Own Org. Paint
032 56 Charles Zimmerman Solana Beach, CA 1985 Org. Own Org. Paint
037 53 Ryan Summers Peachtree, GA 2011 RP
038 53 Ken Wallace (2) Bizbee, AZ 2007 Org. Paint
040 51 Albert Sison (7) Beaumont, CA 2010 Org. Paint
041 51 Justin Schmidt Brooklyn, NY 2009 Org. Paint
043 51 Judith Moore San Diego, CA 1985 Org. Own Org. Paint
056 56 Taz Taylor Atlanta, GA 2007 Org. Paint
057 56 Bob Warwick (2.) Savoy, IL 1991 Org. Paint
062 53 Karen Rawls Winchester, VA 2008 Org. Paint
066 49 Anonymous Owner   2015 Org. Paint
071 56 Zach Pollard Seattle, WA 2006 Org. Paint
072 58 Steve LaChaine Atascadero, CA 2013 RP
074 58 Paul Terkelsen Chicopee, MA 1987 Org. Paint
075 58 Carlos Guerra Salt Lake City, UT 2004 Org. Paint
081 62 Peter Tengerdy Sarasota, FL 2012 Org. Paint
087 53 Stuart Jago Essex, England 2005 Org. Paint
094 53 Anonymous Owner   2009 Org. Paint
098 51 Martin Worsdall (4) Benicia, CA 2014 Org. Paint
102 51 Rhonda Radford San Diego, CA   Org. Paint
106 51 David Callahan San Luis Obispo, CA 2014 Org. Paint
111 49 Emily Tyrrell Anchorage, AK 2027 Org. Paint
112 58 Marty Jacobson (4) Ashland, OR 2014 Org.Paint
114 58 Donn Boyd Oceanside, CA 1986 Org.Own Org. Paint
117 62 Bill Kloos (2) Eugene, OR 2010 RP
119 62 Will Colenso   2012 Org. Paint
146 56  Bob Bruton Torrance, CA 2011 Org. Paint
152 57 Scott Reder Butler, NJ 2008 Org. Paint
166 56 Burke Grantham San Diego, CA 2010 Org. Paint
172 60 Richard Lewis Santa Barbara, CA 2016 Org. Paint
174 60 Roger Lowry Canton, GA 1994 Org. Paint
188 58 Lance Luckett Carbondale, CO 1987 Org.Own Org. Paint
192 58 Elliott Levitsky Davis, CA 2016 Org. Paint
193 58 Greg Painter Anaheim, CA 1987 Org.Own Org. Paint
207 53 Albert Sison (7) Beaumont, CA 2011 Org. Paint
210 56 Kurt Olson Waynesville, NC 1987 Org.Own Org. Paint
216 53 Jim Geier San Diego, CA 1987 Org. Own RP
218 53 Andrew Stahl Seattle, WA 2011 Org. Paint
225 60 Bill Range Monterey, CA 1987 Org.Own Org. Paint
          Updated 6/05/2018

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The Recherché was a private label frame, built for Kent and Kyle Radford, owners of a bike store in Rancho Bernardo, CA. (San Diego County.) They wanted a frame they could sell in their store and also market to other Southern California bicycle dealers.

They had a name for the product, Recherché, and a decal design. The frame was the exact same geometry as the Fuso, in fact one of the reasons I took on this project was because I could build the frames in with the Fusos.

I usually worked on batches of five frames minimum, all the same size. So I would build 3 Fuso frames and 2 Recherché for example. There were slight aesthetic differences in the two frames, like different seatstay caps and fork crown, and a different treatment was given to where the front and rear dropouts joined the tubes.

The Recherché frames were originally offered only in red, but later blue, yellow, black and white were added. The frames were a single color with a white decal panel on the seat and down tube. Some 200 were built, mostly in 1985 through 1987.

One of the French interpretations of the word Recherché is “Sought After,” which is somewhat prophetic. They were a no frills frame with a slightly simplified paint job when compared to the Fuso, but because there were far less built, there is a rarity appeal to this model.    

Dave Moulton

Below: The number after a name indicates more than one Dave Moulton built frame in the owner's colection.

Numbers in Blue are linked to pictures on an offsite webpage.

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A registry of Recherché bicycle frames built by Dave Moulton in San Marcos, and Temecula CA from1985